How to Know if You Need a Tummy Tuck

Posted on: October 1st, 2013 by Dr. Ringler No Comments

With all the new options in body contouring; SmartLipo, Body-Jet, Exilis Elite, CoolSculpting, just to name a few, you may wonder if tummy tucks are becoming a thing of the past. The short answer is no, not too likely.

Women who have had a pregnancy often come to the realization that even when they have lost their weight gain from the baby, there remains some loose skin from the sudden weight loss and the abdomen can still protrude in a way that it did not pre-pregnancy. The problem is that the size of baby has stretched and separated the muscle (diastasis). An easy test is to lie on your back and lift your legs up together, if your upper stomach still protrudes, chances are good that the muscle has been separated and an Abdominoplasty is the only way to correct the problem. The surgery will also help reduce the loose skin for much sleeker and youthful contour. Many people report that after their Abdominoplasty, they have a flatter stomach than they’ve ever had in their life.

Men will frequently select Abdominoplasty if they have had extensive weight loss and are left with a great deal of loose skin. Most liposuction and non-invasive techniques can not fully address this problem. Those who have been successful at losing weight can be very disappointed at the loose skin that remains. Abdominoplasty can provide an excellent solution. For those with small pockets of excess fat and only a small amount of loose skin, SmartLipo can often be used to remove the fat and also provide a lesser amount of skin tightening.

If you are interested in Abdominoplasty or any of our body contouring options, please call Dr. Ringler today and request a complimentary consultation.


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