CoolSculpting Grand Rapids

More and more men and women are living extremely active lifestyles. They are involved in regular fitness routines, they are conscious of their diet, health and weight. Many others are active in their day-day-routines as they work to keep up with their kids and work assignments. Yet despite their best efforts, there remains that little extra stubborn fat that just doesn’t seem to go away…you know, like the ‘muffin top or ‘love handles’. Do you feel like this? If you have ever wanted a great, non-surgical option, CoolSculpting™ might be the perfect solution for you.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a new, FDA approved, fat reduction alternative to liposuction for people with a small amount of fat that resists diet and exercise. CoolSculpting™ is a totally non-invasive, in office procedure that uses Cryolipolysis™ to target, freeze, and eradicate fat cells.

CoolSculpting was featured on “The Doctors” Video

Am I a Candidate for Coolsculpting in Grand Rapids?

An ideal candidate is someone who has an active healthy lifestyle and just a little assistance to remove fat from unwanted areas. In your personal and private consultation with Dr. Steven Ringler, he will be able to more fully understand your needs and expectations and determine whether or not CoolSculpting™ is the best option for you.

Is the Procedure safe?

One of the greatest things about CoolSculpting™ is that there aren’t any knives, prodding cannulas and nor anesthesia. During your treatment, which normally lasts an hour, you will feel a cooling sensation and a firm pulling pressure on the treated bulging areas. Dr. Ringler was the first board-certified plastic surgeon in Michigan to offer CoolSculpting to his patients since its FDA approval in September 2010.  The Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery is a Certified CoolSculpting Center and our medical aesthetician, Terri Miller, is the most experienced CoolSculpting technician in West Michigan.  Our experience, expertise and safety record ensure that your CoolSculpting procedure will be the very best possible.

What Can I expect during the recovery?

Because the device is non-invasive and non-surgical so you will be typically be able to resume your normal activities and daily routines immediately. You may experience some redness and mild irritation, minor bruising, or even a little discomfort. These are all temporary. Most patients return to work the same day as their treatment.

What results can I expect and when will I see results?

In your consultation with Dr. Ringler, you will be able to discuss your expectations ahead of time and he will help you understand what reasonable expectation is for you. Each patient is different and results may vary. You may start to see results as early as three weeks after your treatment. As your body continues to rid itself of the frozen fat cells you will see the most dramatic results after two months. The body will continue to eliminate the frozen fat cells for 4-6 months after your Michigan CoolSculpting™ procedure.

The Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery in Grand Rapids

The entire team at The Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery is committed to the highest ethical standards and providing their patients with the best CoolSculpting® experience and customer service. Dr. Ringler’s lifelong dedication to innovations in plastic surgery has resulted in the availability of new technologies such as CoolSculpting® to patients in Grand Rapids, West Michigan and throughout the world.

In addition to Coolsculpting, Dr. Ringler offers a full range of body contouring options including SmartLipo Triplex, Body Jet, SafeLipo,  Power Assisted Liposuction, and Cellulaze. Please visit the main website for more information.

Dr. Steven L. Ringler and The Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery is conveniently located in Grand Rapids, Michigan at 1151 East Paris Ave SE, Suite 200, adjacent to the Grand Valley Surgical Center.